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Ep 227 | LeBron James’ Bigotry Stops Him from Addressing Savage Murder of Ethan Liming

podcast June 16, 2022 4

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You probably haven’t heard the name Ethan Liming. Liming was a 17-year-old beaten to death on the campus of LeBron James’ “I Promise” School in Akron, Ohio. LeBron wore a hoodie for Trayvon Martin, took a knee for George Floyd. Other than a tweet wrought with grammatical errors, he is silent for Liming’s murder. It’s because Ethan is white, and the three men arrested for his murder were black. Jason isn’t mincing words. “LeBron has smoke for everyone white he believes wrongly takes a life. He has nothing substantive to say when black people take lives. LeBron James is a stereotypical bigot.” James once compared himself to Emmett Till after someone spray-painted the gate to his California mansion. “Liming and his family have far more in common with Emmett and Mamie Till than LeBron James ever will.” Shemeka Michelle stops by to fan the flames of Jason’s fire and wants to know where the “say their name” crowd is hiding. Plus, Steve Kim adds his thoughts on King James and his carefully crafted and politically motivated pandering on social media.

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