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Society & Culture

Ep 226 | Rick Warren: A Purpose-Driven Strife, Debate Engulfs Southern Baptist Convention

podcast June 15, 2022

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First, Bill Maher gets red-pilled and slowly drifts to the center. Now, Saturday Night Live’s “Weekend Update” anchor Michael Che is the latest comedian to realize that woke is the real joke. Che recently turned to Instagram to criticize the Jan. 6 hearings in Washington, warning Americans that they need to wake up before they lose their country. In the now-deleted post, Che admitted his comments could cost him his audience and sponsors. Jason believes that comedians and pastors are society’s gatekeepers of truth and says both have been failing us. Alex Stein has been ahead of the curve of conservative comedy. He takes a break from his budding rap career to join “Fearless” to discuss comedy’s collapse. Last week, the question was “what is a woman?” This week, Baptist leaders have been asked “what is a pastor?” Best-selling author and megachurch leader Dr. Rick Warren wants the Southern Baptist Convention to answer that question. Breaking from long-standing principles, Warren’s Saddleback Church recently ordained three women as pastors at the Southern California church, sparking debate and controversy at the SBC’s annual meeting. In this week’s edition of “Tennessee Harmony,” Pastors Bobby Harrington and Anthony Walker answer the contentious question: Can a woman be a pastor? A former ordained minister herself, Shemeka Michelle weighs in on the topic of women in church leadership roles. Plus, Jason takes a stand against Rick Warren but not because of ordaining women — it’s something else the popular preacher brings to the pulpit.


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