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Ep. 203 How Can You Get Justice When The Legal System Fails You?

podcast November 3, 2022

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This podcast will surprise many people, but I am at my wit’s end. My goal is to get in touch with journalists, reporters, etc., to help me spread the word about the injustice in our legal system.

All the court case documents (Plaintiff and Defendant) I reference in this episode can be found here:


Or, you can go to the Hustle in Faith website (https://hustleinfaith.com/) for additional information. 

Anyway, being at my wit’s end is a phrase I rarely say or feel. I’ve only ever felt this way three times in my life.

  1. When my dad passed away from colon cancer six months before I graduated from college.
  2. Back in 2018, when I lost everything. I lost my job, my savings, my apartment, and the list goes on… I took L’s left and right that year but didn’t give up.
  3. Unfortunately, this is the third time in my life that I can honestly say I’m at my wit’s end again. The condo I purchased that was supposed to be completely renovated turned out to have major material defects. It does not have a heating system, nor does it have insulation to prevent noise nuisance issues. That means I can hear my upstairs neighbor walking, talking, sneezing, vacuuming, and the list goes on, but you get the point, I can hear everything.

Before I go further, let me answer the question, “Did you hire a home inspector?” The answer is yes. However, in my case, having a home inspector still would not have mattered… Please listen to the entire episode and review the court documents before making this incredibly obvious comment.

I’m sharing my story to bring attention to loopholes judges and law firms continue to create to use for their benefit. These loopholes are destroying our legal system if injustices like mine continue to occur.

My lawsuit is against some very affluent people whose attorneys work with large law firms.  I also had an attorney, but when you’re fighting against affluent people whose lawyers work for large law firms, a “regular” lawyer will be ineffective.

If you want to help, please be sure to share this story! 🙏🏾 THANK YOU!🙌🏾

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