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Ep 200 🥂 Bucket List Ideas

podcast November 2, 2023

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Thank you for listening to 200 episodes on the One Eleven podcast with Walt and Shardie! We are forever grateful for your love and support! You have been riding with us and we are truly humbled. 🫶🏽😘🫶🏽💚🫶🏽🥰🫶🏽💕🫶🏽💃🤭

This week, welcome to the Bucket List podcast, we explore the dreams, goals, and aspirations that make life truly extraordinary.

We encourage you to see the power of dreaming big, stepping out of our comfort zones, and embracing the limitless possibilities that lie within each of us. From traveling to exotic destinations, conquering fears, achieving career milestones, or simply experiencing life’s most cherished moments, we will try to inspire and motivate you to create your own unforgettable adventures.
Let’s get started…2024 is right around the corner!

So, grab a pen and paper, get ready to dream, and let’s embark on this incredible journey together. We believe that life is meant to be lived to the fullest, one bucket list item at a time.

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