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EP 182: My Therapist Ghosted Me

podcast May 1, 2023

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Carla is joined by Paola for another episode! Carla starts by sharing how triggered she is that her therapist ghosted her and Paola digs deeper into Carla’s breakup trauma. This is a venting episode where Carla gets a lot off of her chest about unappreciative friends and not feeling supported by her peers in the industry. Carla teaches Paola what CHATGPT is and they have a conversation about how dangerous artificial intelligence is. The ladies do a deep dive on relationships and Carla shares what she wants in a man. This is a jammed packed episode full of content before Carla’s Mexico trip!

5:00- Carla’s Therapist Ghosted Her

8:00- “Friends” being unappreciative

15:00- Move Back In With Your Parents

22:00- Chat GPT

26:00 -Carla joins the celebrity app Raya

32:00- What Does Carla Want In A Partner?

42:00- Carla Is Launching Two New Brands

54:00- Finding Success without your “Family’s” support

1:02:00- Scriptures Of The Week Isaiah 41:10 & Psalm 46


Episode 167: “Meet The Team”


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