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EP 165: The Unpredictability of Men: Why Some Women Would Choose a Bear in the Woods

podcast May 7, 2024

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About the Guest(s):

In this enlightening episode of The Killing Tyme Podcast, we are joined by Officer Mario, a well-respected member of the Clark County Police Department. His career path is unique and inspiring, having made a significant transition from a troubled youth to a caring and dedicated public servant. Mario, originally from Detroit, Michigan, has spent the majority of his adult life in Las Vegas. His personal story is a testament to his growth and resilience.

Episode Summary:

This episode of The Killing Tyme Podcast crew dives into an engaging and heartfelt conversation, uncovering the fascinating journey of Officer Mario, a school police officer who turned his life around. Starting off with a warm introduction, the crew quickly delves into the importance of building community ties, especially with the youth. The show takes an interesting turn as they discuss how Officer Mario uses TikTok as a platform to connect with children and gain notoriety for his positive influence on them.

As the episode progresses, the conversation becomes deeper, touching on difficult subjects such as the recent tragedy at Rancho High School. Officer Mario opens up about the impact this event had on the community and the role of law enforcement in the aftermath. The episode balances serious tones with lighter moments, giving listeners an authentic glimpse of the challenges and triumphs faced by school officers.

  • The transition of Officer Mario from a troubled youth to a respected police officer.

  • The role and influence of social media on youth, specifically TikTok’s impact.

  • In-depth discussion about the recent tragedy at Rancho High School and its effects.

  • Insights into the responsibilities and challenges faced by school officers.

  • The difference in perception and usage of certain colloquial terms across cultures.

Key Takeaways:

  • Officer Mario brings a humanizing narrative to the role of police officers, focusing on youth development and mentorship.

  • Social media platforms, like TikTok, have become instrumental in forming bridges between law enforcement and the younger generation.

  • The personal impact of school tragedies on officers like Mario highlights the acute need for community and crisis management.

  • Officer Mario’s upbringing and challenges underscore the power of transformation and service to the community.

  • Cultural nuances in language and terms have varying impacts and are subject to debate and perspective.

Notable Quotes:

  • “I’m not just at Rancho, like that whole north side, east side is like my area, so I’m moving around. I’m all over the place.”

  • “We gotta have more of a relationship with these kids. Teach them it’s a different way. Cause that’s not all right.”

  • “If anybody eat chitlins out there in the world, y’all fucking nasty.”

  • “But, like, would you be alive? Like, it might be a little something serious. Feel me?”


Encourage the audience to tune into the full episode to appreciate the depth of Officer Mario’s experiences and the imperative discussions around youth mentorship, social media’s role in community policing, and navigating public tragedies. Stay connected with us for more insightful episodes.

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