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EP 161: Tap N A$$ (Drinking, Music, and Fun: A Weekend Full of Adventures)

podcast April 2, 2024

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About the Guest(s):

In this engaging episode, we’re introduced to Justin, a multifaceted individual hailing from New York City. Having spent formative years in Staten Island, Brooklyn, and Harlem, Justin’s diverse experiences have shaped his dynamic career. He’s an avid clothing designer, founder of Lonely Forever Clutch Productions, and possesses a keen interest in photography, capturing life through the lens with a unique perspective. Notably, Justin is also a barber, a skill he’s honed since the age of 14, offering his services to those in need and enriching his community. As a father of four, he juggles his parenting responsibilities alongside his varied professional endeavors. His journey echoes resilience and dedication, making him an inspiring figure on today’s episode.

Episode Summary:

In this riveting episode of the podcast, listeners are treated to an exhilarating blend of humor, personal insights, and thought-provoking conversations with the distinguished guest, Justin. The episode kicks off with lively banter and swiftly moves into an exploration of Justin’s multifaceted world, his clothing brand inspired by personal life events, and his various hustles that showcase his resilience and creativity.

Diving deep into the personal narratives and hustle, the podcast illuminates Justin’s life journey, detailing his meaningful tattoo that signifies personal loss and triumph. We get an inside look at his clothing line, Lonely Forever , born from his experiences of pain and purpose. The audience is captivated as Justin shares stories about fatherhood, his path from homelessness to security, and his passion projects that keep him grounded and driven. Amidst the engaging discussions, the podcast balances lighter moments with deep dives into serious topics, creating a rich tapestry of content.

Key Takeaways:

  • Justin shares the poignant story behind his clothing brand, underscored by personal loss and a dedication to overcoming adversity.
  • Discussion on balancing creative passions such as clothing design and photography with the responsibilities of fatherhood and work.
  • Insight into the life-changing decision to move from New York to Las Vegas, and the enduring impact of homelessness during his youth.
  • Debate over the support and criticism of public figures in light of serious allegations, reflecting a broader conversation on accountability and celebrity culture. (Diddy) 
  • Reflections on close relationships and boundaries, including a humorous, yet insightful, conversation about handling unexpected romantic confessions from friends. (Jerrod Carmichael, Tyler The Creator)

Notable Quotes:

  • “Buy my shit. That’s my plug.” – Justin’s straightforward call to action for listeners to support his clothing brand.
  • “If my mom would have wore my shit.” – Justin expressing how his mother’s influence pervades his creative work.
  • “I wouldn’t be here today without my kids.” – Justin acknowledging the profound impact of fatherhood on his life choices and direction.
  • “You gotta find something that you love to do, and it ain’t about the bread.” – Justin emphasizing the importance of passion over profit in one’s career.
  • “Everything is alleged until it’s proven.” – A frank discussion on the complexities of allegation culture and the influence of public perception.


  • Justin’s Instagram: @_klutchproductions
  • Lonely Forever Clothing Line (Direct contact through Justin’s Instagram for purchases).

Make sure to catch the full episode for a deeper dive into Justin’s remarkable journey and the vibrant dialogue that unfolds. Stay tuned for more episodes that promise to enlighten and entertain.

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