EP 157: Stressed But Well Dressed!

podcast February 20, 2024

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About the Guest(s):
In this lively episode, we’re joined by two terrific guests, Javonte Rose and Damien Lee. Javonte Rose hails from Boston, Massachusetts, and now resides in Los Angeles. As an artist of Afrobeats with international acclaim, Javonte brings a blend of music and cultural fusion that’s refreshing and dynamic. He’s also a proud cast member of the show LGBTQ baddies and heavily involved in his organization ‘I’m Here’, focused on self-love and anti-bullying. Damien Lee, the host of ‘Get Into It Dame Podcast’, beams in from Las Vegas, balancing his role as a life insurance consultant licensed in 48 states while navigating the world of social media and brand ambassador work.
Episode Summary:
In an episode bursting with charisma and candor, Tinesha hosts a special ladies night featuring Javonte Rose and Damien Lee, entrepreneurs and creative powerhouses in their respective fields. Dive into an engaging and unscripted conversation that offers an exclusive peek into their lives—a blend of hustle, passion, and the pursuit of success in the fast-paced world of music, media, and entrepreneurship.
The episode kicks off on an upbeat note, emphasizing the importance of staying ‘stressed and well-dressed’. As the guests reveal insights into their careers, they touch on topics such as rapidly scaling in one’s job, managing the challenges of adulting, and the significance of celebrating personal milestones, such as birthdays and promotions. The duo also delves into intriguing dialogues around handling the limelight of reality TV, podcasting adventures, and the truths about bullying and self-acceptance. Packed with vibrant discussions, this episode is a testimony to the power of perseverance and self-belief in the creative industry.
Key Takeaways:

Facing life’s challenges head-on while maintaining a positive outlook can lead to personal and professional growth.
Building a successful brand involves persevering through adversity and staying true to one’s self-identity.
Embracing opportunities in podcasting and music requires passion, commitment, and sometimes rebranding for broader appeal.
Navigating the complex dynamics of family, relationships, and social media fame is an art, one that demands sensitivity and self-awareness.
Finding personal escapes like nature and alone time is crucial for maintaining balance amidst a bustling entrepreneurial lifestyle.

Notable Quotes:

“Believe in yourself. Never give up…life is a roller coaster and we go up and down. You never know when you’re going to get off or when you’re going to see that light.” – Javonte Rose
“What’s for you is for you. There’s no testimony without a test.” – Damien Lee
“That music world is just really…however, to answer your question, how would I feel as long as my name is out there and I’m giving that highlight and whatever, my craft is really showing what it does.” – Javonte Rose
“I’m an introvert…my downtime, I don’t want to talk to nobody. Like, my mom’s talking about today…I’m giving you all a lot. I’m talking to everybody….just my time.” – Damien Lee


Javonte Rose’s new single Dear Mama
Get Into It Dame Podcast
Javonte Rose Social Media: I am Javonte Rose (on all platforms)
Damien Lee Social Media: I am Damien Lee (on Instagram)

Tune in to the full episode for a dose of genuine energy, inspiring stories, and insightful discussions that are sure to resonate with entrepreneurs, creative souls, and anyone navigating the complexities of adult life. Stay with us for more episodes where we share, laugh, and explore diverse life experiences on Ladies Night.

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