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Ep. 128: No Applause Necessary

podcast December 31, 1969

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As an entrepreneur, you can’t be afraid to write your own recipe for success and carve out a unique path. In this solo episode, I share why it’s important to go where you’re called, even if it means not following the crowd, to live a purpose-driven life. “It’s time to start taking you and your success seriously.” –Koereyelle This Week on Confessions of a WERKaholic: [4:40] The action behind your plans [5:20] Being in a community of like-minded women [7:00] Become a travel boss [9:12] You don’t need this to succeed [11:27] Everyone doesn’t have to understand [13:01] Nearsightedness versus farsightedness [15:08] Winners want you to win [17:21] This should be your only focus [19:51] Learn how to affirm yourself to keep going Connect with me: Special thank you to this week's partner, Square!

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