Embracing the Power of Resilience with Dr. Derrick Burgess

podcast March 11, 2024

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Starting something new is exciting and full of possibilities, but keeping up the momentum and pushing forward when things get tough requires resilience. We may have all the hopes in the world in taking a step forward toward our goals but when things are difficult enough to handle, many of us may find quitting the easier option. However, quitting often means giving up on your dreams and embracing a life of regrets. 


Hence, we must realize that every challenge we face presents an opportunity for personal and professional growth. Whether it’s learning from mistakes, adapting to new circumstances, or developing coping mechanisms, resilience enables us to emerge from difficult situations stronger and more resilient than before. As we continue to journey through life, let us embrace resilience as a guiding force, empowering us to overcome adversity, pursue our goals, and thrive in the face of challenges.


In this solo episode, I will share with you the importance of resilience in navigating the complexities of life, particularly drawing from my experiences in youth sports and medical training. In my journey, resilience played a crucial role in overcoming obstacles in my medical career. From the disappointment of not matching into my desired residency program to the demanding rigors of surgical training, I leaned on my resilience to persevere in the face of adversity. Tune in to learn how you can harness the power of resilience to overcome challenges in your life.


“Once we start, we don’t quit.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess


Topics Covered:

(00:01:18) What is resiliency?

(00:03:00) The “No Quit” Rule

(00:05:06) How did Dr. Burgess become resilient?

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(00:08:10) The difficulty of figuring out the next step

(00:09:19) How sports create resilience, teamwork, and grit 

(00:10:52) Growth from struggles


Key Takeaways: 


“Resilience is the capacity to withstand or recover quickly from difficulties, and toughness.” – Dr. Derrick Burgess


“In real-life situations when one person quits, it hurts and affects the team.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess


“Resiliency is something that has to be taught maybe through activities, your ability to overcome situations as you learn and grow.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess


“Sports teaches us that things are not gonna always be perfect.”– Dr. Derrick Burgess


“We need to be able to go through some struggles to grow. We need to be pushed sometimes to see what we have inside of us.” – Dr. Derrick Burgess


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