Embodied Trauma; How OT’s Heal the Body

podcast April 29, 2021

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As a South Asian occupational therapist born and raised in San Francisco, I understand health and wellness from diverse perspectives and value the connection of culture and healing. I became a Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider to incorporate traditional and holistic methods with my clinical education and training.

Early in my career, I learned to provide my patients with the highest level of care while working for top Bay Area hospitals, including Stanford Health Care, Sutter Health’s Mills-Peninsula, and San Francisco VA Health Care System. In my experience as a clinical educator, while running an independent occupational therapy mental health clinic, and working in hospitals, I found the greatest gaps in care were in mental health, wellness, and advocacy.

As an occupational therapist, I treat both physical and mental health and address every aspect of a person’s life. I work to make wellness and mental health accessible to my community. My focus is on helping individuals and professionals meet their goals to improve daily life and work performance.

Simple is best. You should be celebrating victories; it’s easier to give up when the challenge is too great. I break up steps into realistic and achievable components based on your abilities and strengths. Then build on your successes until your goals are met. All sessions are personalized, whether group or individual.

I also offer corporate consultations, courses, and training in wellness, health education, and antiracism in healthcare.

Sheela Ivlev, MS, OTR/L, CMHIMP

Occupational Therapist



Black Podcasting - Embodied Trauma; How OT's Heal the Body Black Podcasting - Embodied Trauma; How OT's Heal the Body Black Podcasting - Embodied Trauma; How OT's Heal the Body

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