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E61: From Divine Encounters to Healing: Tiffany Melton’s Faithful Story

podcast January 3, 2024

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Embark on a transformative journey with Kingdom Flow Podcast as Tiffany Melton joins as a guest speaker. Here, faith intertwines with life's complexities, and moments of humor and profound revelations converge.

A pivotal moment unfolds as a radical transformation is shared, recounting a divine encounter at a retreat that liberated from shame and guilt. Practitioners emphasize the dual importance of structured daily devotions and spontaneous moments of reflection with the divine.

The episode takes a lighthearted turn with a conversation about race walking and humility. The narrative courageously navigates a personal cancer journey, discussing unexpected challenges, therapy, and the multifaceted growth during the crucible of treatment.

Stories of healing are shared, aligning physical and spiritual realms, with insightful advice on managing post-cancer emotions. The discussion explores maintaining a positive mindset during illness, imparting faith to children, seeking counsel, and living out the Gospel amidst adversity.

Tune in for a special episode where laughter, profound insights, and triumphant stories converge. 

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