E19: Faith in the Fire

podcast March 15, 2023

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The Faith in the Fire podcast features Nate Burkhalter’s inspiring life journey and how he found his way through God. Nate shares his struggles, mindsets, and the pivotal moments in his life that led him to give his life to God entirely.

Listeners will hear how Nate overcame various obstacles, and how his relationship with God helped him to overcome them. He speaks candidly about the mindset shift he had to undergo and the importance of seeking strong spiritual leaders to guide him in his walk with God.

Throughout the podcast, Nate shares his personal experiences and stories that will encourage and inspire listeners who may be going through similar struggles.

Join Nate Burkhalter, Ian Sperry, and Kyle Jones on this journey of transformation and discovery as Nathan shares his inspiring story of faith, redemption, and hope. The “Walking with God” podcast is perfect for anyone seeking to deepen their spiritual journey or looking for encouragement and inspiration.

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