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podcast May 14, 2024

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Join Amon, Kels and Abasi for a lively episode of The Corner Convo Podcast! This week, we dive into the explosive Shaq vs. Shannon Sharpe feud that has the sports world buzzing! 🏀🔥 Get ready for a raw and unfiltered roast of Tom Brady that you won’t want to miss. Plus, we touch on Katt Williams, Mother's Day, and the Chosen Few Festival – all in true Corner Convo style.

In this candid conversation, we break down the drama, share our takes on the latest internet beefs, and discuss the impact of these feuds on the sports community. It's a must-listen episode filled with engaging discussions, hilarious moments, and thought-provoking insights.

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0:00 – Intro
1:01 – Scantron Test
3:17 – The Viral IG Clip from the Corner Convo
11:22 – The Editor’s Responsibility
15:24 – The Internet Bullying Epidemic
19:47 – Chosen Few Picnic price
23:48 – Shutting down Cinco de Mayo
27:20 – Emancipation Ball
28:51 – Worst Mother’s Day Gifts
34:01 – Guest: Mo Good
39:47 – Do You Give Gifts According to How People Treat You
44:36 – Would You Be Okay With Your Wife Giving Your Baby Mama a Gift
46:18 – Tom Brady Roast
52:37 – Would You Ever Do a Roast
1:00:23 – Shaq vs Shay Shay
1:06:06 – Can Basketball Players Play Football
1:11:40 – Recapping
1:14:44 – Happy Mother’s Day

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