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Don’t Use Interest Rates to Select a Lender with Ralph DiBugnara, Ep. 593

podcast March 22, 2024

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Ralph DiBugnara is a nationally recognized real estate expert who serves as President of Home Qualified – the digital resource for buyers, sellers and real estate agents driving today’s millennial market; and Vice President at Cardinal Financial, a nationally recognized mortgage loan company behind $28 billions of closed loans. A frequent industry commentator, Ralph is considered one of the leading voices across the next big trends in real estate.

In this episode, we talked to Ralph about the loan business, finding the ideal team member, recent trends to keep an eye out for, his method on managing properties, and much more.


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Loans & Lenders;


02:11 Ralph’s background;

09:13 An insight into the loan business;

19:07 Right questions to ask while looking for a team member;

22:42 Trends to keep an eye out for;

27:51 Ralph’s method on managing properties;

32:11 Round of insights


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Round of Insights


Apparent Failure: Having his property projects unfinished before the market crash.

Digital Resource: AirDNA.

Most Recommended Book: The Psychology of Money.

Daily Habit: A proper morning routine that reinforces mindfulness, and having “learn something new” evenings after the regular daytime is over.

#1 Insight for selecting the right lender and loan: Select the right lender who teaches you the process step by step, which helps you learn and be led in the right direction. And regarding loans, picking the least invasive and the most protective, as well as easiest in regards to your time is the key.

Best Place to Grab a Bite in New Jersey: The River Palm Terrace.


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