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DON’T SAY GAY: The PAUL PELOSI Attack or Hoax?

podcast October 31, 2022

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Carl’s PhD in “Ghetto-fabulousness” w/his minor in “Thugocracy” from the University of Hardknox really pay off in this episode. Carl emphatically condemns any and all violence. However, he argues that there are many unanswered questions concerning the Paul Pelosi attack that need to be addressed. Questions such as; 1) How did Dave Depape break-in to the residence of Paul and Speaker Pelosi, one of the most powerful couples in the entire U.S. without being stopped by security or filmed?; 2) why were both men in their underwear?; 3) Why would a criminal break in to any home with an intent to do harm and ask “Where’s Nancy?” out loud, thereby giving up the “element of surprise” and much more. This story doesn’t add up.

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