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Does Your Friend Have a Drinking Problem? Leonard Robinson Joins the Show, Is The Illuminati Real? & More

podcast January 18, 2024

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Today, we’re joined by our Headliner of the Week, the talented actor and comedian Leonard Robinson, known for his work on Issa Rae’s INSECURE and other notable projects. Amanda and Robinson explore why more artists and personalities (Angela White ‘Blac Chyna’, Ari Lennox, Comedian Tony Baker, and more) are embracing sobriety, what is Dry January, and Leonard’s experiences in Hollywood. Amanda also dives into the Illuminati and Gen Z’s fear of aging


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(2:42) – Headliner of the week: Actor/Comedian Leonard Robinson joins the group chat.

– Discussion about life after “Insecure” and experiences with drinking.

– Questions about drinking preferences and handling situations with others who drink.


(7:18) – More questions about drinking experiences, interventions, and wake-up calls.


(12:07) – Exploring moments when individuals felt the need to stop drinking.


(16:54) – Dry January discussion with Leonard Robinson and questions about drinking before going out.


(21:15) – Group chat topic of the week: Do you believe the Illuminati is real? Conspiracy theories in Hollywood.


(26:14) – Taking calls and discussing listeners’ opinions on the Illuminati.


(30:29) – Continued discussion and taking more calls on the topic.


(34:55) – Wrapping up the discussion on the Illuminati and taking final calls.


(39:21) – National Gourmet Coffee Day. Exploring Gen Z’s fear of aging.


(41:19) – Reports on Gen Zers fearing turning 30. Discussion with resident Gen Zer, Christian.


(44:30) – Squad discusses feelings about getting older and life in the thirties.


(48:29) – Squad offers advice for aging.


(53:36) – Celebrity confession.


(57:33) – Word of the day: “Nobby” – Describing people and things that are cleverly stylish.


(59:39) – Amanda’s “I Be Knowin'” message for the week.


(102:38) – 60 Second Headlines:

– Link between 100% fruit juice and weight gain.

– Sanaa Lathan to star as Miss Cleo in a new drama series.

– Mike Jones, Paul Wall, and Slim Thug announce the “Still Tippin’ Tour.”

– Winter weather causing issues for electric vehicles.


(1:06:07) – Going to the phone lines.


(1:07:37) – Closing remarks. Thanks for listening to The Amanda Seales Show!






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