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Do We Need Black Owned Businesses? – David & Donni

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from Purpose Never Dies – Episode #265 w/ David & Donni

Watch the full episode here✅👉🏾 : https://youtu.be/4fL9BGJJKR8

Is there a connection between ownership, wealth, and purpose? Finding your purpose can be defined by external sources, an internal assessment and a continuous journey! In this episode we dive into the importance of committing to lifelong work and being secure in everything it may cost you : time, sacrifice, and delayed gratification. We’ll discuss :

Creating For The Culture : Do large black owned companies have a obligation to stay committed to the culture from which they draw their inspiration and main base of clients?

Defining “Purpose Work” : How do we create meaning as it relates to the work we do? Is there ever a time where your purpose and your day to day operation don’t intersect?

Building One Of A Kind Experiences: What would it take for an awards show that honors the nations top black entrepreneurs to be put into place from scratch? Is it important to create experiences for our niche?

Loyalty To A Company Vs. Cashing Out: When do you say “I’m ready to ride off into the sunset?” Should companies seek to be acquired or is the legacy play to be continuously involved in the day to day operations of our businesses.

and so much more!




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