Cultural Tithing with Minister Zumbi – Getting our money on code #GetOnCode

podcast February 2, 2022 3

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(#GOC) This is a combination of the Get On Code Show and Precise Thinking with Minister Zumbi Shawala: #GetAlongGang warning. This content will not seem to be #Friendly or supportive to those who wish to Kumb Ba Ya to get along. In our Precise Thinking interview series, controversial topics are addressed by Minister Zumbi Shawala to bring awareness to positions. In this episode, Seko Varner and Minister Zumbi Shawala drops bombs on Cultural Tithing and introduce the idea of becoming a $20 Revolutionary. Cultural tithing is Minister Zumbi’s strategy for fully funding the Not-for-profit organizations that are Black-oriented and Race First.

Minister Zumbi is the author of the book “Gospel Of Afro-nomic Theology (G.O.A.T.)” wherein he promotes his Cultural Tithing. #TwentyDollarRevolutionary #20DollarRevolutionary #CulturalTithing Contact:  518.512.9972  G.O.A.T. is now available for $17.95 (paperback) and $6.95 (Kindle e-book) through Amazon KDP (  The Gospel of Afronomics Theology (GOAT):

Get On Code, share the code, teach the code, become the code. Our code is empowerment. Focused on #Empowerment, passionate about #BlackEmpowerment, the Get On Code (The Fly Guy Show), is built on the #EmpowermentAgenda, and led by the Conscious Ω Bruh’ @SekoVarner aka #MrEmpowerment. #GetOnCode #GetOnCodeShow #GetOnCodePodcast #TheFlyGuysShow #OmegaPsiPhi #Ques #Uplift #ConsciousCommunity #PanAfrican #FoundationalBlackAmerican

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