Creator to Creators S6 Ep 2 Influence

podcast May 8, 2024

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Influence has been making hip-hop for a long time, about 25 years, performing in lots of
venues and competitions, but he only started pushing his music out to the public last
year. “I’m done cooking up the style,” he said. “Now it’s time to put it out.”
To kick off the promotion of Influence and the multitude of sounds that characterize his
music, he chose “What You Deserve.” “‘What You Deserve’ is basically a hip-hop, R&B kind of dance track. It definitely has an Afro-centric dancehall vibe to it.” Info Black sings the hook and Influence raps the verses. All I need is one night, just give in girl don’t fight it Don’t be scared cause I don’t bite, only if you like Only for tonight, tell me what you like In addition to the hip-hop, R&B and dance, bongos give the Afro beat an island lilt, which Influence attributed to the producer, Majestic Drama.
“I’ve heard a lot of those type of beats, and this is, in my opinion, one of the better
ones.” He made his first song when he was 16 and really got into it when he was 21. He is 41
now.He has not, he admitted, given it a hundred percent all those years. He has a family
and, in addition to music, he is an entrepreneur. “So, you know, music is not the only
thing I have going on.” But in the beginning, it was different.“When I first started, of course, I was giving it a hundred percent — selling CDs out the trunk, way back in the day.” Music is back as the main item. “I know that it’s a dream that God put in my heart for a reason. I’ve always believed that I was gonna become successful at music. I think that I’m too talented at it to not be put in that position.” Talent plus work. He never left music entirely. He has performed a lot and his winning
competitions include the Uplifting Minds 2 National Talent Competition; The Best In The
West 2 Hip Hop Competition; LA’s Next Up Music Showcase; The Showcase Tour; and
the Coast to Coast Live Music Showcase. He was a finalist in the International
Songwriting Competition.
He will be an official artist in the Mic Check Wynwood Season 2 in Miami from July 12 to
July 15.

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