Creator to Creators S6 Ep 19 MAJOR SEVEN

podcast June 7, 2024

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 Major Seven is a distinguished multi-platinum record producer, songwriter, musician, and visionary based in Atlanta, Georgia. Of Jamaican descent, his music profoundly reflects his culture. His extraordinary journey in the music industry began under the mentorship of R&B legend Keith Sweat, which culminated in a pivotal moment when he produced The Devil Is a Lie featuring Jay-Z, the lead single from Rick Ross’s sixth studio album, & Mastermind. Major Seven, is derived from the Major 7th chord in music theory, as well as his Mother’s journey of enduring six miscarriages before his birth – a testament to resilience that underpins his approach to his craft and his dedication to quality over quantity. In 2019, working with DJ Khaled on “Holy Mountain”, featuring iconic Reggae artists like Buju Banton, Sizzla, and Mavado, Major Seven experienced a reawakening of his cultural roots. The overwhelmingly positive response sparked a desire to contribute more significantly to the culture that created him. In partnership with Vas Productions, he is working on a fusion project of hip hop and reggae that has evolved into more than an album; it represents Major Seven’s newfound purpose. Throughout his illustrious career, Major Seven has collaborated with an impressive range of artists, including the likes of Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Future, Rihanna, DJ Khaled, and DJ Snake, earning numerous Gold and Platinum certifications from the RIAA. His unique approach to music production, blending his abundant talent with a steadfast belief in integrity and collaboration, led to the creation of The Major Seven is a global collective of equally dedicated and gifted creatives. Major Seven also serves as an owner and Director of Partnerships at WAVS, a platform committed to empowering music creators and simplifying the production process. By forming strategic collaborations and ensuring a continuous stream of high-level talent, he has aided in developing an invaluable resource for beat-makers, songwriters, and creators seeking to enhance their craft. Guided by principles of Quality over Quantity and Building over Chasing, Major Seven continues to shape the landscape of music production. His commitment to blending cultures and genres reflect his versatile creativity and unwavering commitment to excellence. Influenced by a quote his mother taught him. Heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight but they, while their companions slept, were toiling upwards through the night. Major Sevens career strategy is firmly rooted in meticulous craftsmanship, sustainable growth, and the value of networking.

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