Creator to Creators S5 Ep 57 Zeke Hindle

podcast April 3, 2024

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Born and raised in Los Angeles to a family of actors, Zeke has been surrounded by Hollywood since he was young. Through the guidance of his father, Art Hindle, and his mother Adrienne Hampton, Zeke took on many roles as a child actor in TV, film, commercials, and theatre, but wished to create his own identity through independent intellectual and athletic endeavor.

Upon graduating, Summa Cum Laude on an academic scholarship at Loyola Marymount University in 2012 with Honors, he played professional tennis on the ATP World Tour for three years. After obtaining a world ranking of 1729, he had to retire in 2016 due to a chronic knee injury, and turned to real estate agency to make ends meet. He became quite the successful businessman and negotiator in the process.

Zeke then set his sights on following in his family’s footsteps and began pursuing acting, writing, directing, and producing. Earning his first Screen Actor’s Guild worthy role in Gentlemen’s Fury (2017) and starring in his first feature film as co-creator, writer, director, and producer with Happenstance (2020), gaining a cult-like following in the process, and screening the film at Cannes. He has four completed pilots that he is pitching now as television series; Imposter Society, Late Bloomers, The Girl in the Dark Corner, and Bluegrass. He is also writing several feature scripts such as Venice, The Labyrinth, Wanderers, etc. He keeps busy creating films, and social media content constantly via his production company Preston Way.

He studied Entertainment Law at Southwestern and passed the CA Bar in July of 2022

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