Creator to Creators S4 Ep 42 Crazy 8

podcast August 29, 2023

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Rapper Crazy8 Drops Fresh Rap “Lost”
By: Nadia Sobehart
New Jersey rapper, Crazy8 shows the world that passion and talent can exist behind bars.
During his incarceration, the rapper has been working on fresh music to share with listeners all
His latest track, “Lost,” is a reflection of losing loved ones and facing the hardship that goes
hand-in-hand with unfathomable loss. “The song came up one day during a time I had just lost
my dad and then a sister,” explains the rapper. “It all came together into something. I was going
through that and then it all built up and I kept saying the word ‘lost’ and turned it into a song.”
When it came to writing the song, Crazy8 struggled at first. “I was trying to come up with the
beat, but it wasn’t clicking.” Through repetition and letting the song develop organically, the
rapper was able to tune into the feeling and complete his rap.
Through word of mouth, Crazy8’s raps started to spread through the community. “I shared it
with my brother and then others wanted to hear what I was writing. They started telling others
about it and it spread.”
“I want lots of people to relate to it—especially those who lost people,” adds Crazy8. Creating
music isn’t just his calling in life—it’s a way to give back and share commonalities with other
people. He also believes in speaking his mind: “I never try to be someone I’m not.”
Music has been a long journey for the rapper. A fan of Lil Wayne and DMX, Crazy8 began
rapping around age 6. He accompanied his uncle to the studio and played around with music
whenever he could. Unfortunately, life took an unexpected turn.
Somewhere along the road, Crazy8 pushed aside his passion for music and caved to the street
life. No stranger to incarceration—many in his circle had ended up there—Crazy8 wasn’t afraid
of the consequences of his chosen path. His passion for rap resurfaced when he found himself
incarcerated, wondering what his talents were at that point in life. It was then that he began
writing again, creating notebook after notebook of raps across various genres. “I like to switch it
up. Because different people relate to different things,” says the rapper.
Passionate about drill/love in particular, the rapper is open-minded to exploring his unique
sound. One of his current projects is called K.F.C., which stands for “Kids Fighting Cancer.” The
idea is inspired by the thought that life may be hard in prison or on the streets, but no one
faces a harder time than a child going through cancer treatment.
With years ahead of him in prison life, Crazy8 looks forward to what he can achieve during and
after his time locked up. “I can rap about anything I put my mind to,” shares Crazy8. In fact, the
rapper is looking forward to sharing more songs this year. Alongside his producer, based in
California, Crazy8 is working on more content to release in the near future. One project is his
mix tape, “23 and 1,” coming out at the end of the month.
“I want people to tune in and understand my music and relate to it. If anyone would like to
know anything, I’m an open book,” adds the artist. “Find me on social.”
Make sure to stay connected to Crazy8 on all platforms for new music, videos, and social posts.




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