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Crafting Legacies in Music and Science with Donna McCurvin

podcast March 15, 2024

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Donna McCurvin's journey is nothing short of enthralling. She's lived multiple lives in one—chemist, environmental protector, and cultural curator—and in this episode, she invites us into her world of passion-fueled transformation. We kick off with stories from the heart of Toronto's music scene, where Donna's IRIE Music Festival and Toronto Urban Music Festival offering a stage for local talents to shine during the city's most colorful weekend.

As we pivot from the lively festival grounds to the contemplative halls of science and policy, Donna opens up about her ten-year tenure with Environment Canada and the Ministry of the Environment. Her career, marked by a steadfast commitment to environmental health, raises critical questions about corporate ethics and the often-overlooked importance of scientific integrity. Donna's experiences remind us that the safeguarding of our planet is not just a professional obligation but a personal crusade for the conscientious scientist.

In the final chords of our conversation, Donna recounts the creation of Word Magazine during a honeymoon drenched in the culture of Bahia, Brazil, and the subsequent birth of Canada Black Music Archives. These projects are love letters to Black culture, capturing the essence of a community through the universal language of music and the written word. With Donna's journey as our guide, we celebrate the culinary diversity that music and food bring into our lives, emphasizing how mentorship and cultural exploration can enrich our understanding of the world and each other. Join us for an episode that harmonizes science, art, and community, revealing the melodies that compose Donna McCurvin's extraordinary story!

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