Controversial Tariq Nasheed Exposes Cultural Appropriation by Non-FBAs!

June 25, 2024

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This episode was a deep dive into the cultural, political, and historical issues affecting the Foundation of Black Americans. Tariq Nasheed provided insightful perspectives on the importance of preserving Black culture, demanding political accountability, and the ongoing fight for reparations. We encourage our listeners to stay informed and engaged in these critical conversations.

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00:00:00 – Introduction and Guest Introduction
00:00:29 – Reparations and FBA Culture
00:01:42 – Podcast Hosts Introduction
00:02:48 – Special Guest: Tariq Nasheed
00:03:20 – Tariq Nasheed's Background
00:04:35 – Premiere of "Microphone Check"
00:05:46 – Misconceptions About Hip Hop Origins
00:07:00 – Hip Hop and Mainstream Media
00:11:18 – Hip Hop in the Olympics
00:11:41 – Evolution of Hip Hop
00:12:02 – Elements of Hip Hop
00:14:25 – Black-Owned Record Labels and Federal Charges
00:16:02 – Accountability in the Black Community
00:16:44 – Rap Lyrics in Court Cases
00:18:23 – Media Bias and High-Profile Cases
00:19:00 – Use of Rap Lyrics in Legal Cases
00:20:19 – UK and African Perspectives on Black American Culture
00:24:25 – Preserving FBA Culture
00:25:58 – Accusations of Divisiveness
00:28:50 – Reparations and Eligibility
00:30:56 – Financial Literacy and Reparations
00:33:19 – Spending Habits and Economic Impact
00:35:20 – Political Power and Black-Owned Businesses
00:37:39 – Supporting Black-Owned Businesses
00:38:38 – Voting Strategy for Black Americans
00:40:20 – Ice Cube's Political Strategy
00:41:34 – Organizing for Political Change

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