Chosen To Be A Wife?- Social Proof 7

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from (PART 2)The Woes Of Being A Woman In Business – Episode #201 w/ The Social Proof 7

We are back for PART 2 of our SOCIAL PROOF 7 Series! In our conversation with Tahlia Diaz , April Mason, Koereyelle Dubose , Angela McCoy, & Shea Styles we cover business models, their experiences navigating client relationships, and the power of feminine energy. We also discuss:

How femininity energy is displayed and experienced.

Boundaries : the most difficult parts about establishing them for success.

Embracing the truth of BEING YOUR OWN ENTITY as a woman.

Showing appreciation for yourself before expecting others to put respect on who you are.

Getting THE RING: navigating being married and booming a QUEEN.

And so much more!

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