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June 7, 2024

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In this episode, Charlamagne the God and Andrew Schulz discuss various topics, including circumcision, Kendrick Lamar’s upcoming concert on Juneteenth, and controversial comments made by Adrian Broner, Deontay Wilder’s boxing career, the dynamics of online perception, and the WNBA. They touch on Deontay Wilder’s recent loss and whether he should retire, as well as the current status of Drake’s popularity and the impact of online narratives. They discuss the WNBA and the attention surrounding players like Caitlin Clark and Angel Wilson, the use of steroids as the male version of BBL, gaslighting, and the entertainment value of truth.


00:00 Introduction
01:27 The Circumcision Debate
05:34 Sean Kingston Controversy
32:17 The Broner-Cobbs Match: Potential Outcomes
36:14 Drake’s Popularity: Online Narratives vs. Reality
51:07 The WNBA: Protecting and Promoting Rising Stars
57:19 Competition and Camaraderie: Differences in Men’s and Women’s Sports
57:48 The Anthony Edwards and Cam Incident
58:47 Steroids: The Male Version of BBL
01:03:59 Gaslighting and the Entertainment Value of Truth
01:08:28 Personal Experiences: Sweet 16 Party and Beard
01:19:15 Pat McAfee’s Comment

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