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Building and Investing in Africa’s Web3 Infrastructure to Tackle Real Life Problems with Vincent LI

podcast May 20, 2024

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Episode 123 with Vincent Li, who is a product manager, seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and mentor. He has more than 15 years’ experience in tech product management and VC investment in China, Africa, and the Middle East.

Vincent is also a founding partner of Adaverse, which is the Cardano Ecosystem Accelerator that aggregates entrepreneurs, strategists, and mentors to build its most robust foundation in Africa. Adaverse supports blockchain founders with funding, mentorship, and tech.

What We Discuss With Vincent

  • What benefits can this ecosystem bring to the African economy in terms of addressing financial inclusion and payment infrastructure challenges?
  • Compared to other regions you've worked in, how have you seen blockchain startups evolve in Africa?
  • What unique challenges and opportunities have you encountered while building companies in Africa, particularly in the Web3 space?
  • How do you assess the readiness of African markets to adopt web3 technologies?
  • Does Adaverse's strategy for supporting entrepreneurs in Africa differ from its approaches in other regions?

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