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Building A Brotherhood For Married Men (Ep. 13)

March 25, 2024

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In this episode, we discuss Trone's new community where committed and intentional husbands, can find that brotherhood they've been looking for. It's more than just a group; it's a sacred space for sharing, growing, and understanding the unique struggles that come with being a committed husband and father.

Through this conversation, we explore not just the challenges but the importance of having solid, like-minded men in your circle. It's about rekindling that drive, ambition, and competitiveness that can sometimes get lost in the daily activities of marriage and parenthood.

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Trone & Adoria

0:00 – Starting a Community for Committed Husbands
1:28 – Origin of the Committed Husbands Community
2:49 – Discovering Shared Challenges Among Husbands
7:56 – Building the Committed Husbands Community
15:35 – Benefits for Wives in the Husbands Community
17:46 – Sustaining Healthy Marriages
20:00 – Positive Impact on Men
23:06 – Inside Look at The Brotherhood
26:54 – Unique Conviction Among Members
29:56 – Secret to a Successful Marriage Community
32:37 – Future Plans for the Community
33:58 – Conclusion


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