BMM 121: What We Gained In The Fire

podcast December 31, 1969

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The Chapmans will be back Wednesday, December 2nd! But before then . . . election day is upon us, and that’s a big deal. However, Mikey and Randie are here if you want to take a load off–cause lord knows they need to. That’s why in this episode, the couple discuss the gains from 2020. They highlight Lovecraft Country, bonding with their family members, and a year–despite 2020’s best efforts–of heightened intimacy and sensuality.

Normally, Randie and Mikey would save this kind of thing for the end of the year, but in 2020 anything goes. Later, Randie brings a fight or flight confronting Mikey about irritating Drew. But, as always it’s all love when they show each other some PDA.

Are you excited to add these millennials to your list of relationship favorites?

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P.S. If you’re voting today and/or volunteering at the polls–be safe!

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