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Blessing Others with 6-Year-Old Justyn Boumah

podcast December 16, 2021

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Learn about how young Justyn Boumah blesses others through his Heroes and Hearts organization.

6-year-old Founder of the 501c3 organization, Heroes and Hearts, Social Entrepreneur, and Award-Winning Author, Justyn Boumah, has been recognized internationally for his young ingenuity and purity of heart displayed through his three annual giveback events called ~ The Blessing Project, Around the World Read – A – Thon, and Super Justyn's Giveaway. 

The Blessing Project was inspired by the heroism Justyn observed during the pandemic taken on by everyday community workers, Justyn was compelled to express his appreciation, admiration, and gratitude in action by launching The Blessing Project, where he personally crafts and prepares gift bags with hand written messages and filled with all of his favorite treats to encourage everyday heroes who can often be overlooked. 

The Blessing Project is only part of his organization’s mission to educate, encourage, and empower marginalized or overlooked communities globally through literacy, leadership, and legacy.

Please see his website so that you can know all of what Justyn is doing to change the world.

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