BlackGirlMagic Interview: Leah Toussaint

podcast December 31, 1969

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In this episode of Truth’s Table, Ekemini and Christina are sitting at the table with Leah Toussain. In 2010 Leah Toussaint, educator and speaker found herself longing for hope as she clutched a uniquely tiny, ornate urn of her stillborn son Kervens Solomon. Over the next four years, threemore exquisitely decorated urns were added seemingly robbing her of the love, hopes and dreams of a mother’s heart. This confounding suffering initiated a complete life reboot. She left a lucrative position with a HR software company and started a new career in social services. In her first community-based position, Leah managed a 5-million-dollar, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ teen health initiative. Leah trained in-house and site facilitators and served over 5 thousand students and their families.
In 2015 Leah’s commitment to meet the needs of under-served, marginalized groups prompted her to launch Signature Presenters, LLC (SP). SP provides employability skills and workforce management tools through consulting, strategic planning, training, and plan evaluation. Leah graduated with honors from Rutgers University with a degree in sociology and biology and then attended Nova Southeastern University for her master’s work in Public Health, with a concentration in public policy and community engagement.

Plato stated, “All learning has an emotional base.” In the same vein, Leah believes that all pertinent skills of personal and professional development are rooted in emotional intelligence and incorporates the skill set in every engagement. Leah currently offers free, monthly webinars to educate, advocate and provide online spaces of healing and inspiration. She is most grateful for God’s unfailing love and the local church where she has faithfully and enthusiastically served through teaching, worship, intercessory prayer, children’s and women’s ministries, community outreach and benevolence. In her spare time, give her a microphone and she morphs into a standup comedian, karaoke singer (anything 90’s please) or game show host (Family Feud is a favorite).
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