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Black People Love The Cheetah Girls ft. Kalen Allen

podcast February 1, 2024

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Ever imagined yourself strutting down the bustling streets of New York City or twirling through the historic avenues of Barcelona as part of the iconic Cheetah Girls? Join us as we take you on a vibrant journey with guest Kalen Allen, exploring the rich tapestry of dance, music, and cultural resonance woven by the Cheetah Girls franchise.

As we unravel the Cheetah mystique, we uncover the potent influence of Raven-Symoné and speculate on the untapped potential of the group had she been more deeply integrated. The nostalgia is palpable as we revisit the group’s dynamic evolution, from the fierce streets of NYC to the enchanting backdrop of Spain, and even touch on the third film’s disconnect without Raven’s presence. These sequels weren’t just follow-ups; they were a testament to the Cheetah Girls’ staying power and their impact on a generation yearning for representation on the Disney Channel stage.


-Black Representation in Media

-The Future of the Cheetah Girls

-Appreciation for Raven Simone’s Impact

-Opinions on Solo Albums

-Discussion About Songs in a Movie

-Fun Facts and Casting Speculation

-Opinions on Mean Girls the Musical

-Nostalgia for Disney Channel Original Movie


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