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Black People Love Fall Out Boy ft. Furious Nae

podcast December 31, 1969

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Listen in as we explore the fluid nature of our favorite songs and movies with our dynamic guest, content creator, and entrepreneur, Janae. We chat about how difficult it can be to pinpoint an all-time favorite song or movie and how our preferences are subject to change. Janae makes a compelling case for why it's better to ask for a top five instead of one all-time favorite, adding a refreshing perspective to the way we think about our preferences.

Join us as we reminisce about the early 2000s, a time of unity that seems to have shifted in recent years. We take a musical journey, talking about Drake, Dashboard Confessional, and Green Day. We focus particularly on Fall Out Boy and the significant impact their music had on Janae during her high school years. You won't want to miss hearing about Pete Wentz's Afro-Jamaican background and the indelible impression the music video for Dance Dance left on its listeners.

In our fascinating discussion, we further analyze the intersection of Fall Out Boy and hip-hop. We examine Jay-Z's involvement with Fall Out Boy's album Infinity on High, and how it changed the game for Janae. She shares how this experience gave her the confidence to be open about her music tastes. Wrapping up, we chat about future podcast plans, and you'll also find out where to find Janae on Instagram, TikTok, and BPLPpod. Listen to the end to hear about her latest creative project. This episode is packed with thought-provoking discussions, unforgettable memories, and plenty of laughter.


– The Difficulty of Choosing All-Time Favorites

– The Importance of Genuine Rap Conversations

– My Chemical Romance in the 90s

– Changing Landscape of Music Consumption

– Fall Out Boy

– Appreciating Theatrical Elements in a Song

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