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Being an Employer Firm – Diamond Gorman Returns!

podcast January 7, 2024

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Being an Employer Firm – Diamond Gorman returns to Black Wall Street Today and discusses being an employer firm. Check out the earlier episode:


Owner and founder of the REA-D EMPLOYMENT AGENCY LLC, Diamond Gorman graces the Black Wall Street Stage. REA-D Employment Agency proudly stands as an enterprise fully owned by Ms. Diamond Gorman, an African American woman originating from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our distinction as a women-owned firm in an industry historically dominated by men serves as a source of immense pride. Our core mission revolves around empowering women, playing a pivotal role in facilitating their active participation within this sector.


Interested in sponsoring the podcast? Want to contact Blair? Info@BlackBRAND.biz . The Black Wall Street Today (BWST) radio show is focused on all things Black entrepreneurship and hosted by Virginia Tech alumnae Blair Durham, co-founder and co-President of Black BRAND. The BWST podcast is produced by using selected audio from the radio show and other Black BRAND events. BWST is the media outlet for Black BRAND. Black BRAND is a 501(c)(3) organization that stands for Business Research Analytics Networking and Development. We are Hampton Roads Regional Black Chamber of Commerce. We promote group economics through professional development and community empowerment, and we unify the black dollar by providing financial literacy, entrepreneurship training, and networking resources! http://blackbrand.biz m.me/blackwallstreettoday + info@blackbrand.biz + (757) 541-2680 Instagram: www.instagram.com/blackbrandbiz/ + Facebook: www.facebook.com/blackbrandbiz/

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