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BEE 186 I Love Black People + BillMari Co-Founder Sinclair Skinner

podcast October 16, 2020 1

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Website: iloveblackpeople.com

Washington, DC –I Love Black People (ILBP) is a Black tech startup that uses technology to build a global network to protect Black people from racism & xenophobia, especially while traveling and in new environments. ILBP provides safe places for Black people throughout the world by providing Black-owned and Black-friendly businesses.

Our goal is to make sure that no matter where a Black person goes, they will be treated with dignity and respect. ILBP could not do what it does without the help of our worldwide network of people. Our people network is currently composed of 400 ambassadors and 40,000 members who have helped to promote and identify over 14,000 businesses throughout the world, spanning over 200 cities.

With the launch of “The Global Green Book: A Black Survival Guide” comes an opportunity to globally build upon Victor Hugo Green’s attempts to highlight venues — Black-owned or otherwise — where Black people can receive various services and accommodations with dignity and respect when traveling.

In the months since its inception, ILBP have been able to pinpoint Black-owned and Black-friendly places on nearly every continent. Recent recommendations include hotel accommodations in Kitwe, Zambia, and a healthcare provider in California.

“Living while Black” has become a phenomenon that highlights the harsh reality that Black people endure when they venture beyond their own communities. Instead of basking in the freedom that comes with expanding one’s horizons, many Black travelers find that racism has no boundaries.

“We won’t settle for just being accepted,” said Sinclair Skinner, founder of I Love Black People. “When we go somewhere, we should be treated amazingly. If we don’t set that standard, no one will set it for us.”

“The Global Green Book and website is not about promoting businesses, but the love and humanity of Black people,” Skinner said. “The information is powerful but we have to unlock it within each and every one of us. We have to make sure this decade is the last time Black people were disrespected and didn’t know where to go.”

About I Love Black People: I Love Black People is an international Black tech startup that uses technology to help protect Black people from racism & xenophobia.

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