As soon as you start (t)His Practice, your life begins to change drastically.

June 17, 2024

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Whatever you’re imagining, 

whatever problems you’ve made up, 



Start again, 

but this time as The Witness, 

The Watcher, 

the Silence the world (and that includes the body and mind) happens in. 

I Love you, 


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“Get a second opinion from the Maker. It’s the most powerful next step you can take. Your prayer might look something like this: “It appears that I have been diagnosed with _____.  My body feels (or looks) _____. My only desire is to know what is true here. What is the absolute truth concerning this body?” This, of course, is followed by silent listening for the answer. Daily, you keep asking and listening until Truth is revealed. You will have to be both persistent and consistent.” – Gil Michaels 

“Mind is how awareness moves without moving.” – Gil Michaels

“As soon as you start to turn within, as soon as you begin to listen to the still small voice within you, as soon as you start to practice self-inquiry, your life begins to change drastically.”- Robert Adams 

“When you surrender to God, you are not giving up your life. Instead, you are giving up your strife and discovering true life.” – Mooji 

“My favorite life hack is trusting the universe more than my intrusive thoughts.”- unknown 

“The world is not true. This illusion is a game of hide and seek. It is a play, a cunning game emotional imagination.” -Sidhharameshwar Maharaj

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