Are You Coachable?

podcast December 31, 1969

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Are you in a place where you are wanting to grow from making $50k to $100k per year? How about $500k to $1M? Let's take it further, how about $50M to $100M. Well, you have to locate where you're at in order know where you want to go, or "grow" even. Sometimes, more work from you is required. Other times, more partnerships are required. Business partnerships and equity deals can be a way that you can multiply your income while allowing others to put in the work. There is no one size fits all. Chances are, you have something that another company can use. Maybe you have the expertise and knowledge…. Maybe you have an audience that you can leverage… Or you could just have a great idea that can't be denied. It doesn't always have to require more work in the physical sense.

Questions to ask yourself:

What does it take to execute at a higher level than where I am currently?

What does it take to be investable?

Do I have a proven concept?

Where are the gaps?

Is it worth it to enter into a partnership?

There is great benefit in partnering with a company even if you don’t own it fully. Equity deals are just one proposal away.

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09:31 What Is Or Isn't Off Limits

14:21 Getting Our Of Your Own Company

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20:36 Equity In Companies

32:33 Mastermind Connections

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42:01 What Makes You Investable

49:50 Know What You Need

58:40 Giving Up Equity

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