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‘Answer the Call’ w/ TraeAnna Holiday

June 26, 2024

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In this episode of ‘The UpNUp Podcast’, join us for an insightful journey into the evolving landscape of media/activism through the eyes of TraeAnna Holiday, a Seattle native whose passion for media began at a young age. From her early training to her academic journey at Howard University and the University of Washington, TraeAnna’s path has been shaped by her deep connection to her community and the challenges of gentrification.

TraeAnna, now an Emmy award-winning Media Personality and Producer at Converge Media, channels her experiences into powerful storytelling. In addition, as the Communications Director for Washington state’s Office of Equity, she brings her expertise to a broader stage, advocating for community voices and social justice.

Through her impactful media work, TraeAnna empowers the next generation to find their voices and make a difference in the world of media. Don’t miss this episode as we delve into TraeAnna Holiday’s journey of resilience, creativity, and advocacy, illuminating Seattle’s past, present, and future through her lens. This is definitely one to keep us all on #TheUpNUp

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