podcast January 25, 2024

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On this week’s episode of Eating While Broke, Coline welcomes Comedian, Writer, Director, and YouTube sensation, Alysha Burney to make her signature ghetto nachos “Hoodchos.” Right from the start, Alysha’s journey hints at the perseverance it takes to follow your passions.

From Kansas City to college in Missouri to finally landing in LA, Alysha’s path has been unpredictable with inspiring ups and downs. They talk honestly about the realities many talents face first moving to a cutthroat industry, but also touch on the moments that reaffirmed Alysha’s gifts. Like when a major TV show reached out even before she believed fully in herself.

What’s most striking is Alysha’s transparency about mistakes made and wisdom gained championing the underdog. She shares tips for staying grounded through unexpected viral success. And the key mindset that helped her channel creativity even in lonely seasons.

Alysha keeps it real about dating and relationships too, with perspective beyond her years on self-worth and matching energies. And she flips the script on taking life’s lowest points too seriously. Finding humor and hidden blessings that fueled her purpose, especially throughout the pandemic.


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