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AGNB Podcast Team @agnbpodcast | A – Side (VIDEO)

podcast December 31, 2023

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Happy New Year’s Eve Family, we hope all is going well for you and yours as we embark on the journey that is 2024. We couldn’t think of any other way than outworking our competition by releasing a new episode that just features us and guess who? Rex (@rexkarolus | Co-Partner and Engineer Extraordinaire). We just sat back and kicked it, we covered the infamous chair situation in Alabama, our thoughts on the current state of hip-hop, and a little about ourselves.

This Episode is also dedicated to “Track” a guest and a good friend who was featured way back in Episode 24 when we first began. Rest In Power Good Friend, you believed in the All Gas No Breaks Podcast from its inception. You were in the audience from day one and even became a guest on our show. After learning about your passing we wanted to show our appreciation and celebrate your life. What better way to close out 2023 with an episode dedicated to one of our favorite supporter. Till we meet again good friend. – Crazy how his episode took place on Halloween, which turned out to be one of our favorite Episodes and one of our most Popular. REST IN POWER Brother.

We also have a special treat for you, a song by Supa Seyan Santi and Rogue MC ft. Bando Flow (from back in the day when Santi was rapping… Yep you heard it right – Full Song drops on the B-Side on 01/13/23)

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