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A New Day in Custody Court: Dad’s Turn

podcast April 24, 2024

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The daddies just might be getting primary custody of the kids. Eboni and Dustin discuss (02:43) Jeezy’s petition to have primary custody of his daughter Monaco and just how the custody courts don’t always side with the mamas anymore (This episode was recorded before the news broke of Jeezy’s primary custody petition retraction). We’re also getting into (26:27) Honey Boo Boo, her messy Mama June and how child stars can keep or lose their money even when it’s set aside in a trust. Then a sidebar on (27:02) Jerrod Carmichael‘s new MAX reality show. And lastly, sadly, Eboni breaks down the rolling back use of a race-consideration scholarship at (41:08) Duke University and the trouble this spells for race-considering grants, scholarships, and other aid after the Supreme Court ended affirmative action in college admissions last year .

Holding Court with Eboni K. Williams is produced by Uppity Productions LLC. Hosts & Executive Producers: Eboni K. Williams and Dustin Ross.

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