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A Melodic Mix of Mischief, Music, and Montgomery’s Own Ms. Snow

podcast March 10, 2024

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Ever wondered who among your squad could be considered the sage of the group? Strap in for an episode where we crack that code, all while juggling a whole lot more. We're unpacking everything from the chaotic charm that keeps our banter delightfully fiery to the fierce debates over historical birthday celebrations. Our crew's dynamic dances between camaraderie and playful jabs, setting the stage for the unique energy that fuels our discussions.

Get ready to navigate the murky waters of online spats and the real-world implications of Kentucky's newest laws, with a twist of Netflix recommendations to sweeten the deal. Our chatter may take a serious turn when peering into the darker side of internet fame, but rest assured, we'll lighten the load with some Netflix favorites and mood-setting tracks. Plus, don't miss the chance to weigh in on our comical debate: middle schoolers or senior citizens – who are you backing in a hypothetical tussle?

And for the cherry on top, we're joined by the ever-talented Ms. Snow hailing from Montgomery, Alabama, who dives into her musical and personal journey of making a mark in new cities. She gives us the real talk on chasing dreams and the Charlotte music scene's highs and lows. From industry gatekeeping discussions to advice for budding artists, this is one auditory journey you won't want to miss – so hit play and let's roll!

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