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“A Lot Of Money” Is Relative – Episode #217 w/ David & Donni

podcast December 31, 1969

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What amount of money is considered substantial to you? If your work ethic, preparedness, and desire to succeed were a barometer for the rooms you'd be exposed to, what would it say? In this episode we unpack the connection between high performing, high net-worth individuals and their ability to perform before it is time to perform. We also discuss:

  • The connection between your ability to make money and the rooms and relationships you exposed to .
  • Open Doors : looking for , walking through , and opening doors in your life at every level.
  • Being paid for the same work multiple times: leveraging your time to plug into a stream of income. 
  • High Level Operation: in your gift and expertise and how it will eventually help propel you into a new level of responsibility and ability to execute. 
  • The power of “looking expensive” . Is it a fake it until you make it approach or is it the desire to “become” from the inside out? 
  • THE BRAIN PICKER PODCAST! The newest venture we are rolling out to bring value to the community and see entrepreneurs thrive and maximize their reach and revenues. 

And so much more!

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