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74: Fellatio Like A Pro

podcast April 21, 2022 2

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If giving head was a college she’d be summa cum laude!


SLOOTS, she’s back. Reporting from Sofia’s FAVORITE place on earth, Los Angeles! Before we get into the good stuff, Sofia breaks down and gives her VERY unsolicited opinion on Coachella and more importantly, Revolve Festival (aka Fyre Festival 2.0) – this opinion MAY be slightly biased considering Sofia was NOT invited…but that’s besides the point! Next (in typical Sofia fashion) she spends time COMPLETELY contradicting herself by telling us about her new found morning meditation routine. Don’t worry, she hasn’t COMPLETELY changed on us nor is she saying her life is that of a stable person, it’s just not falling apart entirely anymore (thanks to these tips). Lastly, we cover one of our (least) FAVORITE past times: the art of blowjobs. No, we’re not re-teaching the Gluck Gluck. That’s old news. Tune in to hear why pleasing your partner is not only imperative for your relationship, but good for the mind, throat, body, and soul. Open wide Sloots!


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