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67: Sext Me When You Get Home

podcast February 24, 2022 4

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It isn’t sex…it’s the next best thing!

Sleep-fucking, scamming, and sexting oh my! We cover A LOT this week, so buckle tf up Sloots. This week Sofia had A LOT to say…per usual. Have you ever woken up next to a male creature before and felt *something* poking you ever so slightly in the bum? Us too…well Sofia had a revelation about that this week which may make you hate your significant other. Sorry. Next, we discuss the man, the myth, the legend, Simon Leviev aka THE TINDER SWINDLER (PS…PLEASE check your DM’s sir, we are ready and willing). Sofia discusses her opinion on the swindler and the swindled and that one time she paid a guys phone bill (extremely embarrassing please respect our privacy at this time. Finally, we have a very necessary Sloot University on one of America’s favorite past times…SEXTING! We give you the ins and outs, ways to spice up the most bland sext, AND if you’re as lazy as Sofia, a generated sext-bot that can come up with some spicy things for you on the spot. If you’re listening to this with virgin ears around you, turn this shit UP because it’s time for them to learn a thang or two (if they’re above 18 of course!)

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