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52 Million On OnlyFans? – David & Donni

podcast December 31, 1969

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This is a clip from The Sum Total Of Your Habits – Episode #244 w/ David & Donni

As entrepreneurs our ability to disrupt industries , be innovative in our. Approach to business, work out the details of our process, recruit top talent & maintain vision, is tied to our habits. In this episode we will unpack the truth behind being consistent in our ability to dream, self assess, and evolve when called for. We also dive into:

– Routines and Rhythms : Why it is important to keep a consistent flow of self care, personal development, and mental health.

– Finding Your Market & The Riches in Niches: Why some ideas are not worth pursuing as they may take you away from what you should be doing. We'll also help some entrepreneurs live as they have questions about where they fit in their industries.

– Management & Marketing: How to be open to having a management team, board of directors, and marketing plan that can 10X your results as the leader in your company.

– Ideas vs. Execution : Tapping into our ability to execute on the ideas we have as opposed to living in a world where we start and stop leading us to being unproductive.

– Qualifying Yourself as a Visionary : being honest about if you are the person in your organization to dream up the future and how to carve out time for yourself to envision what is next on the horizon.

And so much more!

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