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459: Iceberg Selling: Unveiling the Depths of Sales Success

podcast April 8, 2024

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I had the incredible opportunity to sit down with Karl Becker, a seasoned expert in the sales world, on our latest podcast episode, “Iceberg Selling and the Human Connection”.

We peeled back the layers on what truly makes a sales conversation successful, and Karl’s insights were nothing short of transformative.

Here are 3 key takeaways 🚀 for all the professionals out there looking to refine their sales approach:

🌿 Embrace the Human Element: Sales isn’t just about closing deals; it’s about *building meaningful relationships* and understanding the 90% beneath the surface that influences decision-making.

🔄 Recognize the Journey: Every potential customer is at a different stage in their buyer’s journey. *Patience* and open-ended questions are your best tools for co-creating the right path forward.

🧭 Alignment Over Everything: The best business relationships are grounded in shared values and goals. Prioritize alignment and *trust your gut* to find partners that resonate with your ethos.

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