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439: Digital Assets, Self-Mastery, and Podcasting Legacy with S.A. Grant

podcast February 19, 2024

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Podcast. S.A. shares his diverse background, from graffiti artist in Brooklyn to founding multiple businesses, emphasizing the continuous journey of self-mastery. S.A. details his current focus on consolidating digital assets into one platform and delves into the concept of digital assets as income generators or lead magnets.

S.A. shares thoughts on his journey of self-mastery and reflects on the ongoing process of learning, overcoming hurdles, and adapting to new challenges, emphasizing the mental aspect of personal growth.

S.A details his business models, envisioning passive income through affiliate marketing and leveraging the podcast as a lead magnet. The Boss Uncaged Podcast is not just a podcast—it’s a comprehensive ecosystem that he is strategically building for long-term success. He delves into various aspects of his media and podcasting journey sharing valuable insights and plans.

Listen to this engaging and dynamic conversation with S.A., covering podcasting insights, business strategies, and personal growth. His forward-thinking approach reflects a vision beyond his current role, envisioning the intersection of technology and podcasting for future growth and scalability.


16:22: There are a million different ways to monetize podcasting, than this agency, right? Podcasting becomes a lead magnet. Then people will kind of buy your services from your agency. But ideally, I’m looking at, okay, what if I use the podcast as a lead magnet? I find the right people, and then I apply them to other products and services, and it kind of goes into the affiliate side to kind of say, “Hey, I have information for you. I have value to add here. It is for free. Check it out.” If you buy great things, I get paid. If not, then it is what it is. But ideally, that’s the model. Everything that I’m building is going to go to just sending traffic to particular destinations.

33:08: You could become a wealthy millionaire or a billionaire with a fraction of a percent of the entire world’s population. So when somebody says that podcasting is flooded and there’s too many again, there’s only 3,000,000 podcasts collectively. And out of those podcasts, maybe 5 percent of them are creating content on a regular basis. So that leaves the other two million and change that don’t do anything. So is it really flooded? No, it’s far from it. Your audience and my audience may overlap, but again, you have a range of 8 billion people, and I have a range of 8 billion people. So if you’re looking at this as two separate circles, yeah, we have some overlap. But I almost guarantee you that whoever’s listening to this episode right now may be the first time they’ve even heard of me, and vice versa on my episode.

43:07: I am working to the point where, if I die tomorrow, this podcast, everything that I’m building in this ecosystem, and this umbrella company should be able to not run itself today but eventually be able to run itself to a certain extent. So whether it’s my ancestors, whether it’s like my kids, or whether it’s someone else that buys the company from them, then ideally all these structural things are in place.

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