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436: Navigating Marketing, Growth and Operations with Nathan Yeung

podcast February 14, 2024

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In an exciting conversation between Nathan Yeung and Elzie Flenard, Nathan, the CEO of Find Your Audience, shares a wealth of insights drawn from his unique journey, transitioning from a VP of finance and management consulting to a marketer. He emphasizes the need for a holistic perspective in marketing, combining creativity with a focus on operations for practical implementation.

Nathan details the growth of his agency from 14 to 25 employees, addressing the challenges of scaling and the crucial role of organizational structure. He explores the delicate balance between autonomy and oversight in managing creative teams, advocating for empowering employees while providing necessary support.

This episode is a treasure trove of practical business advice and heartfelt reflections, offering invaluable insights for entrepreneurs and professionals alike. Nathan Yeung’s experiences provide practical lessons for marketers and business owners seeking to enhance their marketing strategies and effectively scale their operations. It delivers a compelling blend of industry wisdom and personal revelations, making it essential listening for those navigating the dynamic landscape of marketing.


08:02: So, business owners, you know that it is not easy to empower employees. Why? You’re scared to fail. You don’t make mistakes. And when you make mistakes, you put in the extra hours to do that. When someone else makes a mistake, it’s out of your control. You don’t feel comfortable. So the reality is that there is no shortcut to this. You’re going to have to give autonomy, and you’re going to have to sometimes do things in parallel.

16:00: So the reality is that marketing in general, for, I’m going to say, more than 90 percent of my clients, is very much an educational journey. Which is why they’re probably hiring me. The reality is that a lot of companies go, “I don’t know where to start.” And they go, “Well, where have you started?” And they go, “Well, I’ve done this.” And I can probably ask 5 or 6 questions within 5 minutes. And I’ll be able to identify why they’re not successful.

26:58: When you start your business, you’re going to have to work with people you don’t like because you have to get it going. You have to cross that chasm. You know, you’ve got to make sure you’ve got your case studies and your success track record. But once you do that, don’t work with someone you don’t like. It’s not worth it ever.

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